National Innovation Award 2020
National Innovation Award 2020
Encarna Garrido.
7-time IBO 3D archery world champion.

Insecticide for the control of aphids, whitefly and cicadellidae on crops

Pirecris® is an insecticide for the control of crop pests. Its powerful shock effect quickly eliminates aphids, whitefly and cicadellidae* such as the green leafhopper.
Pirecris® is developed with 100% natural ingredients based on a unique formulation to obtain maximum effectiveness both in the field and in greenhouses. The exclusive balance of PI and PII molecules guarantees the product’s powerful action, optimal performance and stability.
100% of the formulation is designed to act as active matter with an insecticidal effect for the control of crop pests. The power of Pirecris® as an insecticide resides in the antioxidant, protective plant matrix which, along with the natural synergist, conducts the active ingredients and guarantees maximum product efficacy.
The IRAC 3A mode of action of Pirecris acts by contact. When Pirecris® comes into contact with the insect it blocks its sodium and potassium channels. This alters the transmission of nerve impulses in the insect, provoking symptoms of hyperactivity and abnormal movements until its death.
The Pirecris® formulation is patented by Seipasa and backed by continuous research carried out by the company’s R+D+I department (Patent ES2444991A1).

* Plant protection registration in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. More information at


Powerful knock down effect

Pirecris® acts by contact and has a fulminating effect that causes a rapid decrease in pests

Guaranteed insecticide efficacy

Indicated for the control of aphids, whiteflies and cicadelidae such as the green leafhopper

A 100% natural agricultural insecticide

Pirecris® does not contain Piperonyl butoxide (PBO) as a synergist. In its advanced formulation, PBO was replaced by carboxylates and natural antioxidants

Short safety period

The efficacy of Pirecris® is supported by more than 80 tests carried out in the most demanding farms in the world

Resistance risk reduced

Pirecris® can be used in Integrated Pest Management strategies and organic production systems